Sea turtle conservation project occur all over the globe and many offer oppoertunities to join in on the fun. With options for ecotourism or volunteerism, there is likely something that will fit what you are looking for.


Ecotourism trips typically are excursions in natural areas with a focus on conserving the environment and giving back to the local community. Going on an ecotourism vacation is an excellent way to explore new culture or environment while also doing some “good” for the local peoples and ecosystem.

Several sea turtle conservation groups offer ecotourism packages to anybody who is interested, offering them guided tours into natural spaces, often for the purpose of spotting wildlife. Part of the fee you pay to participate goes directly back into sea turtle conservation or community development. Here are some groups offering ways to get involved:

RED Sustainable Travel
SEE Turtles
Tetepare Island


Volunteers typically get to do more hands-on activities directly related to sea turtle conservation and can last anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on your commitment level. Becoming a volunteer for a sea turtle conservation project will give you an inside look at the world of species conservation and just how much work has to go into saving such an amazing species.

Take a look through the conservation projects profiled on this site to learn more about individual volunteer programs. Prices, locations and durations are all unique to each program.

Getting overwhelmed? Take a look at dedicated volunteer sites such as the following:

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