ClimateChange_TurtleTraxRising sea levels, severe storms, and increases in sea and ambient temperatures brought on by climate change will all have an impact on the survival of sea turtles. The genders of hatchlings are determined by sand temperature and with warmer sands, gender ratios will be skewed, reducing genetic diversity for sea turtle species. Increased oceanic temperatures may alter or destroy coral and other important feeding areas and sea level rises and severe tropical storms can wash away important nesting beaches. Climate change has the potential to greatly impact the habitats that sea turtles call home. Without efforts to curb these events, every sea turtle species will be left with fewer resources for survival.


Combatting climate change is a huge task and both large and small steps are being made around the world with regards to reducing green house gas emissions. For some sea turtles, they are getting an extra dose of help from humans as some conservation groups have developed artificial incubation green houses to help mediate gender differences.